Why free will kits should be avoided

Why free will kits should be avoided

Why free will kits should be avoided

Though the cost and convenience of purchasing a free will kit can be enticing, you may run into significant problems if you choose to document your wishes with resources you have purchased online rather than working with a fully-trained professional. Here are some of the main reasons why free will kits should be avoided.

1. You don’t always know who has created a free will kit or whether they have the credentials to provide you with the resources you need. The person who has drafted the documents may have little or no legal experience, and you could end up with a document that is not legally enforceable.

2.The kit you have purchased may not reflect the laws in your jurisdiction. Many UK buyers have faced problems after buying will kits that were designed with the US legal system in mind, and only found out that the will isn’t enforceable after the person in question has passed away. Even if the will kit is designed for your jurisdiction, it may be outdated due to changing laws.

3.You cannot use a will to do something you are not permitted to do. For instance, you cannot leave young children without anything at all and you cannot disinherit a spouse in your will. When you work with a trusted legal professional to draw up a will, you can rest assured that everything included in the document is legally viable.

4. Without the right legal help in place, you may fail to properly identify beneficiaries, which could mean people who you intended assets to be left to are actually left with nothing. You must also ensure your writing is legible. If this is not the case, things can be left open to misinterpretation. You also need legal expertise to draw up a will using the required legal wording. Without the assistance of a legal professional, the wording you use could make the document useless.

5. Another problem with using a free will kit is that it is virtually impossible to draw up a legally viable document without knowing the law inside out. Many people do not realise that they cannot leave assets and money to young children directly. Anything intended for someone under the age of 18 must be left in a trust so they can access it when they reach adulthood, although they may be able to access parts of the trust for medical or educational purposes.

6. There’s also a chance you will overlook vital details, such as who will look after your children if you pass away and there is no surviving parent. Additionally, you cannot simply cross something out and rewrite it if you have changed your mind about an aspect of your will, as this could invalidate the entire document.

There are just some of reasons why using a free will kit is not advisable.

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